Oh hello there. Thank you for visiting! Did you happen to see the date? No? December 1st!!! Officially into the festive season and I am so excited to get started on planning and decorating!

To celebrate Christmas this year, I thought I would do my own version of the 12 Days of Christmas blogmas style.

Over the next 12 days I will be uploading 12 short and sweet Christmas posts to give you a little inspiration and ideas for gift giving, festive snail-mail, easy Christmas recipes, and a peak into how I decorate and celebrate the month of December.

So how about we kick off the 12 days with a free Christmas Planner printable? Yeah!

There are so many great printables out there, but unfortunately they simply didn’t match up to my aesthetic. So I created my own, and thought to spread a little holiday cheer by making it available to you all as well!

I was planning to print mine out at OfficeWorks (similar to Staples, for all you foreigners out there), so ink usage wasn’t really a concern for me. After creating the original inserts (fittingly named ‘Let it Snow’) it occurred to me that many of you planner ladies may choose to print at home. So I quickly set off to create a more “printer-friendly’ version with a fairly traditional colour scheme (Santa’s Coming to Town’). I like absurdly long titles.

Both versions include dividers and planning pages for:

Front Cover

Christmas Countdown

Planning Divider

Undated December Calendar

Weekly Overview

Christmas To-Dos

Christmas Movie List

DIY projects

Christmas Activities

Preparation Divider

Christmas Card Tracker

Decorating Ideas

Advent Calendar

Elf Antic Ideas

Holiday Recipes

Baking Ideas

Christmas Eve Menu

Christmas Day Menu

Boxing Day Menu

Gift Giving Divider

Budget Tracker

Christmas Gift List for Immediate Family

Christmas Gift List for Family and Friends

Shopping List


Stocking Stuffers

Online Purchase Tracker

Deal Comparison Tracker


Feel free to print out as many pages as you need, skip a few unnecessary sections or utilise every single page (which I secretly, not so secretly, hope you do)

Happy Christmas planning!

Oh, and if you do use these printables, please please pleeeeeeeeeeze tag me on Instagram!



Let It Snow

Christmas Planner Inserts: Let It Snow

Update: Let It Snow Notes page Add on


Christmas Planner Santa's Coming to Town

Christmas Planner Inserts: Santa’s Coming To Town

Update: Santa’s Coming To Town Notes page Add on


* Update: Life happened and completed messed up my 12 Days of Christmas plans! And not the fabulous type of ‘life’ that I could explore with you guys, the type that make you want to bang your head repeatedly! I hope you’re all having a wonderful time planning out your Christmas festivities this month