My days rarely follow a predictable or regular schedule. This is probably why I put so much emphasis on having solid morning and evening routines. These work to stabilise my days and helps me focus on the tasks I need to do for myself so that the days don’t just pass me by.


Regardless of the lifestyle you lead, and they do all vary greatly, we are all trying to balance out tasks which just need to get done with those that work towards achieving our goals. We are all aiming to live purposeful lives, and being well organised can help you do that.


So, let’s jump right into what I do in the evenings and why I do it, and perhaps it will give you a little inspiration to take a step back and think about putting in place your own evening routine.



  1. I’ve found that taking 15-20 minutes to clean up is one of the most important habits I practice both in the mornings and evenings. Each night after dinner I take that time to wash the dishes and go through the house (granted, it’s tiny!) to put everything back where it belongs. This small habit will change your life!!
  2. I then set the mood by switching on my flameless candles in the bathroom, and a variety of fairy and string lights throughout my home, switch off all the bright lights and put my home into evening mode.
  3. Next I will usually organise my outfit and accessories for the next day. Even if it isn’t a busy day ahead, I’m able to pick out an outfit with a clearer mind and eliminate the stress of throwing something together in a rush the next day. This has been especially more fun since re-organising my wardrobe to better work for my needs – post on that process soon!
  4. I like to take my evening shower a little earlier in the night. This allows me more time to pamper myself, enjoy a little music, and really scrub the day away. Often our inspiration and creativity is stifled if we don’t have something that signifies the end to our day, a way to purposely switch off for the rest of the evening.
  5. Once I’m in comfortable pjs I pour a mug of herbal tea, put on a show and set myself up in bed to do some work. This is the perfect time to decorate your planner, work on crafts, write a letter, or brainstorm. I very rarely sit to watch a show without making use of the time I have and work on a project that may not require my full attention. I use an Ikea Raskog utility cart to store my most used supplies. That, combined with my Malm (can you tell I love Ikea?)  occasional table which rolls over the bed, provides me with an ideal bed workspace.
  6. Once I’m done, I bring out my weekly and daily planner. I look over my week and then write down my battle plan for the next day, including my to-do list and highlighting any appointments or must-do tasks. Just remember not to overwhelm yourself with a thousand tasks. When planning out your day, be sure to allocate realistic amounts of time to your to-dos. This is just one more reason why I love routines. Some tasks will fit into your morning and evening routines and no longer have to be written down. Visually, a long to-do list can make us feel overwhelmed.
  7. I’m a very goal-orientated person, so it is very important to me that I take this time to look at my day and make sure that somewhere in those 24 hours I have made time to do things that work towards achieving my set goals. I ensure that each day includes time allocated to health and fitness, to my blog and shop, my studies and career, and to my family. The time I am able to spend on each of these will vary day to day, but it works to keep my goals at the forefront of my mind and keep my progress moving.
  8. Setting my alarm to a ridiculously early hour. This is new for me, and I can’t tell you how often I’ve hit the snooze button and slept far past my set time! But I’m working on it, trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep and wake up at a time most adults have no problem starting their day. However waking up so early in the freezing winter is harder than I anticipated!

Even though this is a ‘routine’, each of the steps I take bring me happiness (maybe not the early mornings) and helps me feel relaxed and organised for the next day. Not only am I doing things I enjoy, they are also things that make me feel like I have everything together. I have taken the time to take care of my home, my body, and my mind.


What do you include as part of your evening routine?