I’m going to start this post by quickly saying I haaaaad to purchase this planner- no I didn’t need another – but wait until you see it, you won’t question why I snapped it up…or continue to give me that raised eyebrow look!


I told myself since we were already well into September, I wouldn’t look at any other planners until mine all had finished (mid year planners, agh!) or unless some magical, irresistible sale came along…


Kiki.k are having a 50% off sale with an additional 3 for 2 deal in stores and online. Ummm yes please. I was instantly drawn to the coiled Pause planner because of it’s gorgeous Tiffany blue colour, matched with clean minimalistic lines. Then I touched the cover *breath* and it felt like rose petals!!


Now that I brought it home with me, I had to decide what to do with it!


As any self-respecting #planneraddict, I change my planning system quite often. Partly to tweak and improve it’s efficiency, but mostly out of love for paper planners and being completely convinced that I need each and every one in my life.


Currently I’m enjoying the Happy Planner as my personal planner, the Day Designer as my daily blog planner and an Orange Circle Studio for my health and wellness. Since I am working on opening an Etsy store as well as launching my second blog, I was suddenly very excited that I really did need this new planner!


Lets have a look inside the Kiki.k coiled planner and then we will go through how I’ve been utilising it.


Planner Overview


Kiki.K Pause collection is minimalistic and bold. Everything inside is the same shade of blue, white and black, and this specific one is an 18 month planner.

The cover is silky smooth and just as sturdy as it looks. I’m a little worried that the cover won’t hold up against dirt and oils, but so far I’ve been able to easily wipe it clean. The dividers are a strong cardstock, while the paper is lovely and thick. I don’t like how the tabs are laminated only on one side, however the front completely covers and protects them.


I really like that they don’t include a bunch of unnecessary sheets in the front. Simply an overview of 2016-2017 and a list of International public holidays.


The monthly spread is over two pages, with a lot of space to write and personalise to your needs.


The week-on-two-pages is ok. They could have made better use of the space, however there are so many aspects of this layout I find helpful. Included on the spread is a list section for the week’s to-dos or notes; a week’s focus, top priorities, something for me and water intake.


You also get a separate gratitude section (12 pages) where you’re able to write down 3 things you’re grateful for each day, and a notes tab (15 pages).  



The planner measures in at 22cm (8.6in) by 19cm (7.4in) across and weighs in at 700 grams ! Not for the faint hearted or weak shouldered. Perfect as a desk planner.


Use as as a business planner


I’ve decided to use this planner to track all my personal projects. A tool for managing my blog, opening an Etsy store, launching my second blog and keeping on top of social media.


Prior to this planner, I was often writing out a weekly overview in a notebook before filling out my schedule. I needed a place where I could first organise my thoughts and plans before committing to them. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but I have been planning out my study in the same manner since high school.


Monthly overview


I continue to use the Erin Condren stickers to color coordinate my post series in the monthly view. I use little coloured dots from Lilypink Prints to map out steps to launching my Etsy store; social media and interaction (reading blogs; periscope live; tribe building); research; drafts; editing; and creating content and photos.


In the notes section I’ve outlined the series covered this month, as well as any big tasks for Etsy and all my social platforms.


Weekly overview


I like to keep both the monthly and weekly spread quite simple with minimal decoration. I love pretty things and can’t leave well enough alone, but I don’t want to complicate the process of organising my tasks when there are so many!


In the list section I write down all the big tasks I want to complete sometime this week, whether that means dividing it out, or during a spare moment. Over the days I’ve given each ‘project’ a different color. Red for OMC blog (this very one!); green for Etsy; purple for editing photos and pink for future projects.


This week’s focus is like my top 2-3 for the week.

Top priorities are goals for week – which currently I’ve kept quite vague because my goals revolve around content and community. Later it may be used for statistics; guest posts, and/or scheduling.


Something for me has my shopping/wish list related to these endeavours.


I have covered the water intake section with a post-it note to list some PDF projects I’m currently working on.


The gratitude section is wonderful for keeping grounded and remembering to celebrate all your achievements and milestones. However, it seems I had shopping, movies and food to be grateful for this week!


Finally, the notes section is where I list down Instagram content ideas, which may include – themes, challenges, and flip-through videos.


I honestly did not believe I needed another planner, but now I don’t know how I went so long without it, especially without a place to scribble down all my thoughts and ideas for so many upcoming projects.


Even if you don’t have access to this particular planner, I hope that it has given you a little insight in how I plan out my work week for my blog(s) and developing business.


Have you found your unicorn work planner?