One of my favourite ways of find new products to try out, as well as new people to discover, is through other bloggers and youtubers monthly favourites (as well as real life buddies!). So I thought I’d put together my very first list of favourites because I’m always shopping, trying beauty products and discovering some amazing people within the blogging/youtube community! I need to share these discoveries!

I’ve come across some of these before the month of October, but being the first of this series, I needed to mention them anyway. Even though I have so many loves to share, I’ll keep this list manageable as there are quite a few to mention in my upcoming Christmas gift guides.

Health and Beauty


Narciso eau de parfumI received this perfume as a birthday gift because I was already so in love with the Narciso for Her by Narciso Rodriguez (another scent you should check out).

Narciso was released in 2013, so not a new scent, but I think it’s a little overlooked as many of my friends haven’t yet heard of it. We need to change that!

This perfume is a soft mix of floral and woody musk, with notes of Bulgarian Rose, Gardenia and woody elements.

This is the scent to go for if you’re looking for something sexy and feminine. This isn’t a sweet “girly” fragrance, but rather very soft and womanly. Most of my perfumes have a fresh floral base and I never purchase anything musky, yet I somehow love the musky tones in both the Narciso perfumes! It’s not a typical overpowering musk and is most evident when it dries down over the day, accompanied by a subtle vanilla scent.

And just look at the bottle. It perfectly represents the fragrance itself.


'boo toothbrushesIn a world that revolves so much around money, the most effective way to make a change is often with our own purchasing power. Without delving too deeply into the issues of our government or environmental concerns, our most powerful voice is the cold hard dollar. We say what we’re willing to accept by purchasing (or refusing to purchase) with our money. The more we invest in small businesses, environmentally friendly options and sustainable products, the more we guide other businesses to follow.

I believe in this strongly, which is why I have great care about how I spend my money. I’m still finding a balance and the transition can often be a slower one, but I’m always pleading with people – buy only what you love, consume responsibly. You don’t need to make big changes overnight. It’s about implementing good choices every day when you’re faced with these options.

Among the smaller things, I’m trying out a whole range of hygiene and self-care products (ugh, the search for the perfect, natural, toothpaste or deodorant still continues), and one these are bamboo toothbrushes! This is my second ‘boo toothbrush and I love it! It works just as well as a regular plastic toothbrush but has the added benefit of being a sustainable product, which plays it’s part in the movement towards a better, cleaner earth. Win-win. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and nice to hold in your hand.

‘boo toothbrushes have the cutest name and have free shipping to anywhere in the world.


Klara CosmeticsI had never come across Klara Cosmetics until I was lucky enough find it on clearance at Coles. I’m not going to deny, I only tried it after seeing the original retail price, hoping that it’d equate to quality! And it didn’t disappoint! I was able to purchase the magic mascara (fibre mascara); felt-tip liquid liner, matte liquid kiss-proof lipstick and a few types of their individual eyeshadows.

The magic mascara is hands down the best I’ve tried, with no fall out and no irritation. The packaging is luxurious and has that smooth feel, similar to NARS.

Their kiss-proof lipstick is cah-razy. This is the closest things to permanent I’ve seen! I tried the hot pink lipstick right before work and was surprised when I couldn’t rub it off. I managed to exfoliate 2 layers of skin around my mouth and yet my lips looked untouched. Later I read on their website they recommend topping your lips with lip gloss and then washing it all off with makeup remover.

The liquid eyeliner is lovely but smudged on me when I wore it without a primer. Having said that, all liquid eyeliners do that on my oily eyelids.

By far, the stand out products are their eyeshadows. I’ve only tried the individuals in the shimmer and diamond range. They are 100% pigmented and simply stunning. Highly pigmented when using a dry brush, traffic-stopping if you pat it on wet!

Bonus: they state on their website that they are proudly certified and approved that they do not test on animals and are cruelty free. Please note that they do use beeswax in their products and are not completely vegan.


I could write an entire post on my favourite youtubers, with topics that range from planners and productivity; entrepreneurial advice; and of course, makeup and beauty products. How about we start with one I’ve recent-ishly discovered and one that has been a long time favourite.


PlanningwithKristenEarly on in the year I became involved in the IG planner community, and within a few months I noticed I’d often come across PlanningwithKristen’s account in my feed. She’s a woman after my own heart, a fellow functional planner. But it was her entitlement posts that caught my attention, and simply put, I found her openness fascinating. Not only did I go find where the discussion originated from (Happy Planner periscope), but then also to see what else she had to say. Ever since then I was hooked, and she’s quickly become one of my favourite youtubers.

If you follow her on IG; youtube; or her blog, you’d already know how consistent her posts are. Aside from her very “tell it as it is” attitude, I really love how often she posts consistent and relevant content on all forums. It seems each time I log onto youtube, Kristen has another post up providing information and inspiration. She also hosts a live stream a few times a week which gives planner girls an opportunity to interact with her live, as well as other ladies within the community.

Note: She often discusses mental health issues, and as a mental health professional, that automatically gets a thumbs up from me. As a society, we need to eliminate the stigma of mental health illness and the struggles that affect so many people within our own community and family circles.   


Mimi IkonnWhen I first came across Mimi Ikonn, it wasn’t her fashion/style videos and posts that drew me in, but rather her positivity. Her approach to life, business and entrepreneurship. Along with her husband Alex Ikonn, they run a few businesses/projects including hair extensions, gratitude journal, productivity planner, as well as future projects yet to be released. All their content is consistent with their chosen lifestyle and their views of the world, life, love and work. Completely inspirational and so much #goals. Their partnership together is beautiful, seeing a couple so in tune with one another is simply lovely to watch, especially in a world where we are often barraged by her vs him propaganda.You should also check out Mimi’s IG account, which is filled with photos from their travelling, beautiful shots of fresh food and a general appreciation for nature. Her IG feed is food for your soul.   




Also a youtuber, Misslizheart has such a sweet personality, and her content is always so packed with ideas and inspiration. Her posts focus on beauty, home decor, organisation, fashion and food. I am of course subscribed to her youtube channel but am putting her under blogger favourites because she has some amazing recipes on her blog which I find easier to write down after seeing her create it on channel. Her recipes are easy to follow along with, tend to be very hearty and nutritious, and often great for entertaining or date nights at home.

Planner/ Stationery



For us Aussies, it can be quite difficult to find beautiful stationery at reasonable prices! Too often are we scrolling through IG or youtube only to be teased with all the things we can not possess! Finally stores are stepping up their game over here and Kmart is leading the way with their affordable stationery and planners. Currently they have a rose gold, marble and kraft line that is so on trend at the moment. BUT it’s worth mentioning, apparently Kmart isn’t too fussy about their proofreading, and many times you’ll find items with poorly phrased sayings or spelling mistakes. This can certainly cause some frustrations, but for me it’s part of the quirk.



I first met Pia from HaveAPrettyPlan on a planning/snail-mail facebook group and we instantly hit it off, becoming each other’s first pen-pals. Shortly after chatting back and forth, Pia opened up an etsy store to sell her whimsical handmade paper-clips. I was lucky enough to receive two of these as part of the happy mail she sent me! Her paperclips are just so soooooo adorable! Very beautifully made and just so detailed. Follow her on her IG account if you love pretty stationery and planner layouts – her photos are just, oh, everything!



Olivia BlakeI recently came across the Olivia Blake’s candle range at Trade Secret, and after one life-changing moment when I opened that beautiful black lid, I knew I had to bring them all home with me.

My very favourite is the Wild Mint and White Tea. This actually smells like Christmas in Australia. It’s light and sweet and minty. Not to heavy for our warm Christmas days and despite it not being a seasonal candle, seems absolutely perfect for the festive holidays.

It is one of those rare candles that can give a room a lovely noticeable scent without feeling like you’ve just been smacked in the nose with it. Too often I’m either frustrated that there is no scent thrown around the room, or having my sense completely overpowered with cheap, sweet, fragrances.



Banks The Altar

I was whining to a friend a few weeks ago that I had nothing new to listen to, I didn’t know what I was after, but I needed a new auditory addiction and couldn’t find anything to get me hooked. He came through for me when he introduced me to the music of American singer songwriter BANKS and shortly after that, her album The Altar. It’s apparently described as dark R&B (which makes sense once you listen to it) though this is the first time I’ve heard of the genre. I listen to this while working, cleaning, doing my make up and when trying to block out the sounds of possums mating in my roof. Have a listen, you’ll love it (…to the album)



Pacific OrganicsThey come in three flavours, lime and coriander, sea salt and chilli and pepper. These are such a great addition to salads! They’re packed with flavour and just adds that little sumthin’ sumthin’ to your otherwise bland salads.

Also great to snack on and add to your trail mix.

Ingredients are simple and delicious ie. Certified coconut flakes, organic lime powder, organic coriander powder, organic sea salt and organic vinegar. I love finding those rare packaged foods where I can still pronounce and understand all the ingredients!

These are just some of my very favourites for the past month of October! I really hope this has introduced you to a few new things to try, eat and watch. What are some of your favourites from this month?