Don’t let my featured photo scare you!! Put the paper bag away and take a few deep breaths. Yes, that is a crazy amount of planners for one person, and you’re probably thinking to yourself “how does this girl manage all these planners at once…and what does she even have to plan so excessively?” Let me walk you through my planning system and you will see how they all work for me (such a poet!).


I’ve never been asked why I use multiple planners before, though I know many ladies in the planner community come by this question very often.


If you can’t understand why someone would need multiple planners than you yourself don’t need one, and it’s that simple. People look to multiple planners when they see their every-day planner simply isn’t meeting their needs and aren’t able to plan out effectively in just the one.


This might be because their mind processes and sorts through information differently; or perhaps they’re involved in multiple projects/ventures; they may need to store and record lots of information; or require an added compact version to take everywhere with them. Or perhaps it’s a combination of all of these reasons. But if it hasn’t crossed your mind, then congratulations, you’ve probably found a system that works for your needs and lifestyle.


And then there are people like me, and a great majority of #planneraddicts, that simply enjoy playing with new toys. Even when I find systems that work for me, I still want to try out new products on the market, and attempt to integrate my set-up with any new designs being offered.


Another thing worth mentioning is that many planners may not be for planning in the traditional sense. They’re often used as dated books for memory keeping, mood tracking, list making, or for gratitude and spirituality (along with various other purposes).


To be truthful, I should have titled this post “planner line up for Jan-March 2017” as I only really commit to a planner system for 3 months before I start make adjustments. Your planner setup will constantly change and evolve as your lifestyle changes, so I recommend you remain flexible and don’t overcommit. Though, there should be no rules when it comes to planning and organising.


With that out of the way, let’s jump right in!


Technically I’m only using 3 planners to actually plan in, and even then you could argue it’s 2 planners and 1 companion…

Happy Planner Line-Up



I’m still using my 18 month classic Happy Planner for personal planning and as a creative outlet. This is my most decorated planner and even then it’s quite minimal. Weekly kits and full planner spreads just don’t work for me, I find them quite restrictive and it relies too much on me having my life all pre-planned to fit into my stickered-up weekly spread.


Here I keep a brief note of all things that are happening for the week. Appointments, bills, social events, and stand out to-dos that I want to keep a record of (phone calls to agencies, companies, medical details etc). I don’t need to track things such as household chores or meal planning.

Personal Planner

I’ve recently purchased the fitness expansion pack which I’ve added after each corresponding month. I’m excited to use these, I’ve never tracked health/fitness on paper before. I love My Fitness Pal but have had so many technical difficulties that has driven me insane! I’ve been logged off one too many times! The expansion pack gives you 5 months worth of inserts which is great for trying out the layout.



I have been loving the mini Happy Planner so much that if I wasn’t partial to vertical planning I would have used a mini for my personal planner as well. For now it houses my blog/youtube (coming soon!) and social media plans. I use the monthly spread as an editorial calendar, and my to-dos in the weekly layout. I refer back to this planner multiple times a day with ideas and brainstorming, so I love that it’s so compact and easy to take out and about with me.

I also purchased the mini plastic dividers which doubles as a dashboard – the perfect place to keep sticky notes with random to-dos and don’t-forgets.



I’m taking a lot on in 2017 including a few online businesses. I’ve put together a business planner companion out of a few available Happy Planner expansion packs. This is still a work in progress. I’m yet to work out exactly which inserts will work best, and likely won’t know until after my stores are online and running.


So far I’ve included some folders to hold loose papers and receipts; a DIY business card holder insert; the Happy Planner budget expansion back; dividers for each section (blogs, youtube, business, etsy); monthly calendar; and a variety of loose papers for notes and trial inserts.


This is the planner I am most excited to play around with!



I’ve set up a Webster’s A5 binder for my home management planner this year. I’ve included the Happy Planner Home Planner inserts (say that 5 times!). This comes with to-do sheets; weekly meal planning; household cleaning checklists and home budgeting.  I don’t use this expansion pack in my personal planner. I live alone so having detailed home-keeping lists isn’t necessary. I do find them very useful when planning spring cleaning or hosting out-of-town guests.

Home Management Binder

I also store copies of important documents and passports; contacts and addresses; master to-do list; wish list; renovation ideas; gift buying lists and so on.



I purchased this large (larger than A5) daily planner from Forever New during their 50% off sale, I just couldn’t resist. I really like the binder, and even the inserts, but I just can’t make them work for my needs. The great thing about binders is they can be used at anytime for countless things, so I was happy to invest anyway.

Forever New Planner


For now I’m using this as a chronological notebook. The inserts are large daily planner pages so there is plenty of space for note-taking, which can be organised by date. I think this would be great for students as well as content creators.


Chronological Notebook



Yesterday I walked into Spotlight only to have the happiest shopping experience of the year! They had their traveler’s notebook covers on clearance, along with all their accessories. I bought it all! It was perfect timing as I had just found inspiration from The Rach Mark and her scrapbook TN journal.


I’ve always loved the idea of memory keeping, but knew that I couldn’t possibly commit to every day journaling or scrapbooking. For 2017 I will be trying out a TN, using a booklet each month to fill in whenever I want to record an event or day. I was able to pick up some TN plastic pockets and folders to store memorabilia, along with other bits and pieces.



Honourable Mentions


DAY DESIGNER: I purchased the Day Designer mid 2016 which runs into mid 2017. I still love this planner so much and highly recommend it. I don’t use it as a planner (pre-planning) anymore, but I do use it every day to write down my to do lists and an outline of my day’s schedule. It’s more structured than a simple list pad, but not a necessity. I do enjoy it though, since I already have it.


KIKKI.K PERSONAL PLANNER: I’ve set this up as an on-the-go business planner companion purely because I already had suitable inserts. When I travel, I won’t be taking the HP notebook with me and will need something travel-friendly as I’ll be away for months at a time, but will continue working.


GOALS NOTEBOOK: This is just a simple notebook that I’ve fallen in love with. I love the hard durable cover, the way it lays completely flat and the paper quality. I am big on goal-setting and writing down dreams and plans. I tend to grab any sheet of paper and mind-map or list down ideas whenever inspiration hits. I then misplace these sheets, or get frustrated sorting through them. This year I’ve dedicated a notebook in which I can track all my big plans and goal-setting activities, making it easier to flip through and re-evaluate often.


There you have it! My planner line-up for the time being! I’d love to know if you’re trying out something new in 2017?