Who can believe that we are already well into the Christmas festivities, with the new year just a week away?! (insert infamous Munch scream-face emoji here). I am just so excited for this year coming up! I realise it’s just another day after the 31st. Even though it holds no magical powers, it’s hard to deny that ‘clean-slate’ feeling offered on the 1/1 is too irresistible to ignore. It’s like we’re all first year university students again, excited and enthusiastic for the future – before reality hits and we are once again struggling to get out of bed in the mornings.


Before I get too ahead of myself and get into goals and all of that (and believe me, we will get so into all of that next week), lets just get straight into my little tour of my tiny unit to show you how I’ve been decorating for the Christmas season. I usually don’t even entertain the idea of keeping it minimal at Christmas time, but my end-of-year plans have been completely disrupted at the last minute, and I am unexpectedly spending it here in Australia rather than with extended family in Romania.


We have so many Christmas trees in storage that I am spoilt for choice each year when deciding on a theme. This year I wanted to go with white, pastels and a pop of red.


Again, there isn’t much to show, not only is my home furnished with just the necessities, but I’ve also kept it quite clean and uncluttered. At the very least it might show that it isn’t necessary to go full Griswold Christmas to get into the festive spirit!

I live in a one bedroom/ one living space unit. I wasn’t exaggerating about it being tiny! When you first walk in, you see I have a long hallway that brings you into the living/kitchen space. To the left is my bathroom and the right is my bedroom.


I love those red velvet stars on my hallway mantle (shoe storage cabinet from Ikea) and have purchased a few set of these that I scattered around the home. They’re so simple but are really visually pleasing.

The glass doors from the kitchen lead out to the back yard. The breakfast bench faces out into the garden because there is really no better way to get pumped in the mornings than to be looking outside while sipping coffee. It’s also the place I take most of my IG photos because you just can’t beat that natural light!

All my fairy lights are battery operated so that I can hide the cords. Even on my Christmas tree! I like to be able to move the tree around the home (who does that?!), which is far easier if I don’t have to unplug or drag cords all around with me (in my whole meter of space).


How sad is it that there are no gifts around the Christmas tree! You will have to decide for yourself if I’m a total scrooge or am just behind on my gift wrapping!


There is very limited kitchen bench space, so that large wood board is perfect to cover my oven top and doubles as extra chopping space. For now I have set up my snack station around it, all ready for visitors! I don’t have a coffee maker, I dont have the space for it, and make most of my hot drinks on the oven stove. That board makes it easy to pick up everything in one go and move it to the breakfast bench, before return the items once I’m done.

My bedroom has three main points. My desk, my bed and my tv console. I often showcase my desk on IG and I have barely decorated this year purely because it’s a slim malm desk with limited space for desk accessories.


On the bed, I’ve chosen soft grey and red throw pillows to match the bed cover I already had on for the winter, and to match the rest of my decor. I struggled so hard with those fairy lights around the bedpost, but with the hot weather we’re finally seeing in Melbourne, it kept melting my blu-tack or tape. The lights have now chosen their prefered placement, and refuse to cooperate with my adjustments! But they are still so pretty in the evening. There is nothing that can make me happier at night than getting into bed with tea and having that soft glow of the fairy lights over me while watching a movie or youtube. Might be why I’ve had trouble going to sleep early!

My Tv console is just an ikea cube shelf which I store most of my planner supplies, along with the Ikea Raskog cart. I have no idea how I ended up with a house full of Ikea furniture but I promise, I am in no way sponsored or affiliated with them! It’s just so convenient! And pretty much designed for small spaces like mine. This is my favourite section in this room, and stores more than you might realise!


And lastly is my bathroom, which has barely any christmas at all! Again, there is such limited space that I didn’t want decorations getting in the way of practicality. Though I am crushed that I wasn’t able to find some super cheesy christmas towels this year. I do love that JOY sign I found at Kmart.


And that’s it! In one small twirl around, you were able to see my entire home! I’m all about the uncluttered lifestyle! I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek into my home, but before you go, I just wanted to assure you that I’m not a scrooge or grinch!


I’ve finally started on my christmas wrapping! So here are a few of my quick tips on surviving the task of gift wrapping.


  1. Don’t leave it to the last minute like I have, you will get bored and frustrated and tired – and it will show!
  2. Choose coordinating colors or themes, it will save time on finding matching accessories and ribbons for each wrapping paper, but also ensures your presents don’t all look the same and become indistinguishable under the tree.
  3. Almost anything can be used as a cute decorating accessories and they take the attention off your dodgy bow-tying abilities. You can use christmas ornaments and globes, small stuffed toys, candy canes, leaves and twigs (imagine snowy scandinavian christmases) and even hooks and rings for a more masculine edge.
  4. Use double sided tape instead of just sticking down the flaps with masking tape
  5. Invest in thick, good quality paper (preferably during the after christmas sales) especially for items that will be transported around.


I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s christmas decorations posted all over Instagram, I hope one of those photos was yours!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, and please keep safe out on the roads during the festive celebrations.