If you’re reading this post then you probably already know how easily it is to become overwhelmed with the amount of choice there is out there for planner supplies – and how pricey it can all get! One thing I stress over and over is to make sure you’re buying only what you love. We all want every single item we see displayed beautifully on Instagram, but do you really use them all?


Everyone’s list of ‘most used items’ will be different, I’ll just run through mine and explain why I can’t live without them and how I use them on a daily basis:
Frixion Pens


1. Frixion pens – although I have them in all colours, I rarely use any other than the blacks. If you’re into colour coding than even better – nowadays I prefer to invest in different size nibs (05-07) instead. I don’t often change plans but I am trying my hand out at different lettering (I’m terrible at it) and always need a few goes! It’s worth noting that frixion pens do fade in heat – but I haven’t experienced any issues personally….well except that one time i ran it through the laminator..

Frixion Highlighters


2. Pastel highlighters – is there anything more satisfying than crossing off to-dos? Yes. Highlighting them off in pretty pastel colours! Of course you could use highlighters to make important tasks stand out, but I prefer pretty stickers for that! Pastel colours don’t jump out at you in a way that is obnoxious, and works well just to check off completed tasks. I use Frixion highlighters because they were the most accessible ones at the time, but have heard mildliners are amazing.

Spiral Notebooks


3. Scratch notebooks (spiral) – I love spiral bound anything to be honest, but especially in notebooks. I like that i can just flip it onto itself without any awkwardness. I have a number of scratch notebooks around the house for when quickly expanding on ideas without thinking about neatness or filing it away somewhere. These are useful in times I quickly want to draw up a schedule, a graph, or a list that isn’t yet organised etc. It gives me the freedom to allow ideas and plans to just flow.  I find it’s useful for all areas of my life but particularly for creating content, planning big events, and researching.



4. Floral and glitter washi – this isn’t to say everyone should be as obsessed with this combination as I am, but recognising that I use mostly these in my spreads makes it easier when to deciding if new washi is worth my money and space. Some people love each spread to be completely different. I like continuity. Though the colors may differ, somehow I’m always incorporating glitter and florals. Finding what you’re most drawn to doesn’t mean you purchasing multiples of things and wasting money, instead you’re adding items you’ll use more than once in your collection.

Icon Stickers


5. Icon stickers – I’ve always had a love for functional stickers. Icons are my most used stickers because they don’t take up a lot of space, draw the eye to the task and makes my list look neat. I love them for social media/ online projects, for grocery shopping, for cleaning and most of all for coffee breaks (I can not get enough of coffee stickers!!). They’re often the best value sticker sheets, with so many icons to use over your weeks and months. They easily coordinate with your planner spread and are just so fun-ctional (see what i did there…). These are icons from Etsy shop planninginmint and are my absolute favourite icons.

Decorative Stickers


6. Larger decorative stickers– For a pop of colour, or adding some interest to a page, I like large decorative stickers (or quotes), especially those with clear backing. I’m quite minimal and ‘clean’ in my decorating approach, so I prefer one or two ‘bam-in-your-face’ stickers rather than covering all my white space. I especially love the Reject Shop stickers for purely decorating. They are so delicate and the clear stickers are beautiful quality. Another favourite is Etsy shop GPstickerstudio, who has a range of functional and decorative stickers.


Scrapbook Paper


7. Scrapbook paper– this is cheap and you get so much of it. I tend to purchase the small paper pads since they’re usually just to cover some full boxes of my planner layout, and the weekend. Most of the time my weekends aren’t as structured so I like to cover it all with pretty paper and just write an overall weekend to do list. Heidi Swapps Magnolia Jane range is ah-mazing.



8. Pretty note paper– Aside from the scratch notebooks, I keep all my other notepads and paper very pretty, and which completely matches my aesthetic (usually light and floral). I find that I am far more productive if I love everything around me, especially the little details. Even if it’s just a note to myself, or a shopping list, everything just feels more in tune and I simply feel happier being surrounded by beauty. I also enjoy punching my lists into my planner, so it helps if it already matches my spread.


I hope this list has been helpful to you and hopefully highlighted that you don’t need to own every new stationery item released. It’s far more important to find what you love and what you use most of all.  Invest in those things that bring you joy, rather than accumulating a stack of cheap items that have lost their novelty after one use.
What are some of your most used planner items?